Non-Ductile Building Retrofit Checklist

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When it comes to filling out the LA City Department of Building and Safety Non-ductile Concrete Building Checklist, Alpha Structural has got you covered. Our team of has the experience to assist you with all phases of the non-ductile retrofit ordinance.

What is a Non-Ductile Building?

This is a concrete building having concrete floors and/or roofs, either with or without beams, supported by concrete walls and/or concrete columns, and/or concrete frames with or without masonry (block or brick) infills, or any combination thereof, built pursuant to a permit application for a new building submitted before January 13, 1977.

What is Seismic Retrofit?

Subject to structural analysis, typically non-ductile or steel frame buildings that fall under this ordinance are retrofitted using one, or a combination of, reinforced concrete shear walls or special moment frame (steel frame) systems, that tie the floors and wall systems together. These systems are supported by substantial isolated, and/or continuous reinforced concrete foundations.

What are the requirements for the Los Angeles Seismic Retrofit Program?

The City of Los Angeles requires structural strengthening of non-ductile concrete buildings built before 1977, and wood-framed soft-story buildings built before 1978, through its mandatory earthquake retrofit ordinance No. 183893. This law demands that property owners complete a building review checklist to comply with the ordinance. 

Alpha Structural can help owners with the checklist and ensure your property meets the requirements as set in the new law. At the top of your to-do list is completing the Non-Ductile Building Checklist to the City of Los Angeles (Los Angeles Non-Ductile Building Checklist).

Finalizing Checklist: Submitting

You must complete this Non-Ductile Checklist within three years of receiving an order to comply with a city unless you can provide proof and be exempt from the retrofit program. 

To be exempt, you must show that your building was constructed to the 1977 (or later) Los Angeles Building Code by submitting a copy of the building permit with an application date after January 13, 1977. You may also show your building’s original construction drawings or schematic diagrams, showing that no concrete floors and/or roofs supported by concrete columns, frames, or walls with or without masonry infills, or any combination thereof, were used in the original construction.

Timeline for Compliance

Once you have submitted the Non-Ductile Checklist, you will need to know about meeting the compliance from a city. Each city has its own schedule for assessment and the work involved. Please consult your local municipality for more details. Here are the details for three cities that are leading the way for retrofitting.

Los Angeles

The property owner must comply with the ordinance within the following time limits, from the receipt of the Order to Comply:

  • 3 years: Submit a completed checklist for review to determine if the building is a non-ductile concrete building
  • 10 years: Submit proof of previous retrofit, or plans to retrofit or plans to demolish the building
  • 25 years: Complete construction

West Hollywood

The property owner must comply with the ordinance within the following time limits, from the receipt of the Order to Comply:

Phase 1: Engineering report and major deficiency mitigation

  • 3 years: Submit an engineering report and determine all structural deficiencies
  • 5 years: Submit retrofit plans for major deficiency mitigation
  • 7 years: Obtain building permit and commence construction
  • 10 years: Complete major deficiency mitigation construction

Phase 2: Complete retrofit

  • 13 years: Submit retrofit plans
  • 15 years: Obtain building permit and commence construction
  • 20 years: Complete construction

Santa Monica

The property owner must comply with the ordinance within the following time limits, from the receipt of the Order to Comply:

  • 3 years: Structural evaluation report
  • 12 years: Application for building permit and submission of plans
  • 20 years: Final approval

Alpha Structural: Non-Ductile Retrofit Specialists

Alpha Structural, Inc. is a Design/Build specialty firm specializing in all aspects of modifying, repairing or retrofitting existing buildings. With engineering and contractor credentials unparalleled anywhere else in the region, we have been a known leader in the structural industry for over 25 years. 

As a design/build outfit, we design site-specific engineered solutions, provide cost projections prior to committing deeply into design phases and providing high-quality value engineering and construction services that limit liability, increases transparency, reduces costs and provides peace of mind to our clients.

Having done over ten thousand structural repairs, upgrade and retrofit projects on single-family, multi-family, commercial and industrial buildings throughout Los Angeles and surrounding cities, we pride ourselves on our quality of work and experience in getting projects completed on–time and on-budget with minimal risk.

In addition to our earthquake engineering and construction services, we also perform all types of structural repair and upgrades to buildings with concrete columns and girder (beam) repairs, concrete roof repairs, crack repairs, and structural requirements for load increases including upgrades for mechanical and use changes. 

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